Blog23 April 2024

Sykes Pumps is raising the bar with our improved submersible pump

Introducing the new P2003N, P3003N Sykes Pump releases

At Sykes Pumps, we are always striving to provide customised solutions by continuously investing in updating our product range.

We are excited to introduce the ideal submersible drainage pumps that deliver on these priorities - the newest P2003N and P3003N models.

These pumps are an extension of our most popular units, the P2002N and P3002N but with improved robustness and reliability. A key enhancement is the passive cooling system enabling slurping operation, allowing the pumps to operate even in low water levels as the water cools the motor while passing through.

Through precise design and rigorous testing, we've ticked every box to provide powerful, efficient and reliable submersible solutions tailored to your needs.

Their IE3 premium efficiency motors drive down energy consumption and expenses. Both pumps robust construction delivers incredible durability even when handling abrasive slurries continuously. They can be used flexibly thanks to their low weight , size and flexible pressure connection.

But we didn't stop at just superior pump performance. The P2003N and P3003N also showcase improved user-friendly features like simplified maintenance access and plug-and-play cabling. In addition, these pumps have the sleekest design and save space, so no more bulky units in the way of your work.

When speaking to the Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, Chris Graham stated: “With the launch of the P2003N and P3003N pumps, we've taken another stride in advancing our electric submersible pump hire lineup." He added: "These additions reinforce our commitment to delivering quality and variety to our customers."

Chris continued: "We are confident these pumps will uphold our reputation for excellence."

These pumps represent the next stage in our pursuit of innovative dewatering solutions for the future.

For more information about these two products or to discuss how they could benefit you with one of our dedicated experts, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can click here for further details including a list of suitable environments.