Blog9 May 2024

Sykes Pumps delivers seamless drainage solutions on site

When our customers site required comprehensive drainage maintenance, they turned to Sykes Pumps for a reliable and efficient solution. The project involved providing temporary overpumping for various areas of the site, including loading bays, while discharging to the on-site water treatment plant. Our engineers swiftly responded with a tailored approach, deploying four 6" Super Wispa pumps equipped with deep sea panels and float switches. These fully automatic, self-priming pumps were strategically installed, with their start/stop operation controlled via float switch operation. To facilitate the operation, we provided five road ramps, suction hoses and strainers, and over 100 lengths of 6" discharge pipework, including bends and fittings.   The solution was designed to enable the site's drains to undergo pressure jetting, effectively removing debris and obstructions over two months. Throughout the project, Sykes Pumps provided round-the-clock support, including 24/7 customer service and unlimited servicing, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring uninterrupted operations. From the initial site survey and equipment recommendation to the final commissioning and execution, we demonstrated its commitment to exceptional customer service. Their team of professionals worked closely with the customer¬† providing detailed specifications, follow-ups, and a seamless installation process. The project's success lies in our ability to deliver a crucial solution that allowed the customers to remain operational while undergoing essential drainage maintenance. With every job we ensure that the site's drainage system was restored to optimal condition, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.