Blog31 December 2013

Sykes Pumps create magical waterfall on film set

An exciting fantasy action film to be released in 2014, starring Johnny Depp and produced by Walt Disney Pictures, involved some scenes being shot on location in Surrey. The crew were filming a scene in which a waterfall features in the background but they encountered a significant problem as recent low levels of rain meant that the waterfall was running dry. The solution was to artificially create a waterfall effect by using high flow pumps. To ensure the right effect was achieved it was vital that the pump supplier they chose had previous experience supplying pumps to the film industry, which Sykes Pumps have done many times before.

Sykes Pumps help produce waterfall in Surrey

A Sykes Pumps specialist supplied two Super Wispaset 200 pumps that are efficient, economical and meet strict European and Global noise regulations, making them ideal for use when filming is taking place to prevent noise interference. As shooting in this instance was carried out in a public park, it was vital that important deliveries were scheduled in, arrived on time and that equipment was always removed at the end of the day due to the public setting. The customer was very happy with the service Sykes Pumps provided and the production company will be using our services again in the future.