Blog6 December 2021

Sykes Pumps assists construction of replacement railway bridge

The rebuilding of a railway bridge in Bristol was dependent upon the availability of a reliable pump hire solution. Our client requested an arrangement that would permit the removal of groundwater at multiple locations and allow construction workers to proceed with an upgrade project costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

As the contractor was required to complete the project within a relatively short space of time, the urgency of the initial enquiry meant we had to act quickly and efficiently to deploy multiple pumps just hours after the call.

For this application, we installed five Super Wispaset 100 units which were situated at different points along the bridge. The pumps were in operation throughout the day and fulfilled the task of removing excess water, which in turn allowed excavation work to be carried out. This model of pump was specifically chosen because of its low noise output – imperative given the closely built-up surroundings.

Our client was very impressed with the efficiency of our equipment, with the pumps supplied allowing the initial phase of a high-profile development to be completed without any issue. So successful was the job that further arrangements were quickly made for a secondary hire later in the year. This follow-up agreement involves the provision of additional pumps to be sited on a standby basis in the event that the original proposal might need to be amended, should circumstances change unexpectedly.