Blog22 August 2019

Sykes launch new cost-effective and low-noise pump

As market-leaders in the provision of bespoke pump hire solutions, it is with great excitement that we introduce a new industry concept in the form of our latest unit – the UV301M.

Billed as an economical surface-mounted and prime-assisted pump, this compact 12” pump combines impressive capabilities with low running costs and only requires an electrical power source in order to operate.

Our latest innovation also features Sykes’ priming gear, allowing the pump to prime and re-prime automatically when required, as well as a stand-alone non-return valve for efficient operation.

As an alternative to a diesel pump, the UV301M can either be connected to a customer’s electricity supply or run off a generator in the absence of a power source on site. This also ensures the unit’s quiet operation, reinforcing its suitability to applications where containing noise pollution is critical.

This pump has been specifically designed for high-volume liquid transportation, delivering flows of up to 450 litres per second and heads up to 36 metres.

Our UV301M model comes with a variable speed panel and is ideal for use in a range of pumping environments including sewage overpumping, bulk water transfer, reservoirs and lagoons, flood situations and many others.

Other features and benefits include:

– Low running costs
– Small footprint for use in confined spaces
– Quiet operation for noise sensitive applications
– Impeller allows impressive solids handling
– Premium Efficiency IE3 motor for reduced energy consumption
– Back flush feature to help clear potential blockages
– Stand-alone non-return valve
– Easily portable so can be positioned quickly-
– Motor protection to reduce the risk of damage

Where access is limited and a standard submersible pump cannot fit inside a manhole or opening, deploying our UV301M unit is the perfect alternative as you only need to accommodate a 12” wire armoured hose through to the point of suction.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The brilliant thing about this product is that it incorporates all the qualities of a standard 12” pump while being extremely cost-efficient, quiet in operation and with a substantially reduced footprint.

“We pride ourselves on devising solutions that befit the unique requirements of each customer, and the UV301M helps us do just that.

“By using a control panel with floats and a variable speed drive, we can configure the pump to suit the surroundings and application in which it is required – all while keeping running costs low and noise pollution to a minimum.”

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