Blog22 July 2021

Sykes introduces two new electric pumps to help customers reach emission targets

With emission laws constantly changing and red diesel being phased out in April 2022, there is now a significant and growing demand for electric driven pumps.

At Sykes Pumps, we are known for our ability to pre-empt global trends and introduce new products that are in line with the evolving requirements of customers.

That’s why we are very pleased to announce the addition of our GP100E and GP150E pumps; two electric units that provide our clients with a credible alternative to similar 4” and 6” diesel models currently available.

In the present day, the environmental impact of any pump hire is likely to be subjected to much greater scrutiny than would have been the case even as recently as five years ago.

For many businesses, their overriding motivation to make the switch from diesel to electric stems from concerns over carbon footprint. Electric motors are cleaner than diesel powered engines and are becoming the preferred source of energy for companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Electric pumps also operate at lower noise levels, which is another major benefit offered by our GP100E and GP150E units.

The absence of a large engine means that, in most cases, electric pumps are lighter and more compact than their diesel equivalents yet deliver comparable performance. Their lighter weight   also makes them easier to transport, lift and position into place.

Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of an electric pump, however, is it only needs to be connected to an available power supply in order to function.

Unlike with traditional diesel pumps, customers who opt for electric units never need to concern themselves with having to refuel, or the logistical challenges that process can entail.

Sykes’ GP100E and GP150E models can run on either a local power supply or a generator, guaranteeing the same level of flexibility that you would expect from time-honoured pumping solutions.

Designed for general purpose applications, our latest innovations are perfect for a range of environments including quarries, construction, waste treatment, docks and utilities.

By unveiling these two new products, we are following through on our pledge to invest heavily in modern, technologically advanced pumping equipment – with a particular focus on the electric market.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explained: “Climate change commitments outlined by the UK government target a huge 78% reduction in carbon emissions by 2035, so it makes sense for us to lead the way rather than play catch-up.

“Our desire to ‘go greener’ is well-established and not a motion that we’re simply complying with as a result of stricter regulation.

“On the contrary, we’re proud to supplement our existing electric range with two more general purpose pumps – and they certainly won’t be the last!”

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