Blog14 October 2021

Sykes installs over-pump arrangement to facilitate vital repair works

Sykes’ pump hire experts were recently called into action after a building contractor got in touch looking for a solution to assist them with a culvert repair. Our client specifically required us to over-pump a subsidiary of the River Rother in West Sussex, so that water could bypass the section needing attention.

The customer was tasked with reinforcing an ageing culvert wall, with engineers working on site around the clock to ensure this was carried out as quickly as possible. Because of this, any pump proposed by our regional technician would have to be capable of silent functionality due to the fact it was situated near houses and expected to be running 24 hours a day.

After calculating the project’s requirements, we recommended the deployment of two GP200M Super Wispa units which would run in unison to divert a constant flow of water further downstream. These pumps have been designed for scenarios where low noise output is essential and are suitable for extensive periods of unattended operation – both of which were applicable to this job.

We also supplied the customer with a 2,000-litre bunded fuel tank which provided sufficient capacity to enable the pumps to perform throughout the duration without needing to be refilled. Our solution was fundamental to creating the safe and dry conditions that allowed workers to conduct the necessary repairs and permitted the swift completion of an important local project.