Blog7 April 2021

Sykes implements extensive pump hire set-up at East Anglia power station

Power stations – and particularly nuclear power stations – are reliant on the availability of bespoke pumping solutions both during outages and when operating normally. From sump applications and general maintenance to temporary fire systems and cooling tank cleaning, there are various reasons why both permanent and short-term pump arrangements might be required within the power generation industry.

Having worked alongside clients within this specialist market sector for many years, our engineers are familiar with the challenges that come hand in hand when proposing a pump hire configuration for one of the most potentially hazardous environments around.

With a planned shutdown scheduled for the end of March 2021, one of our longstanding customers got in touch requesting a total of 12 submersible drainage pumps and two GP150 electric surface mounted units.

Due to the level of sensitivity surrounding a highly publicised nuclear site, our client did not disclose the precise reasons for them needing the kit specified. We have assisted this particular power station with their three previous site deactivations, with virtually the same equipment required every 18 months or so.

Our involvement with this project originally stemmed from a very minor job involving a low-key poly hose hire. Following this, the customer encouraged us to tender for pumps and accessories needed for planned maintenance and outages which saw us acquire the contract from their previous pump supplier.

Once again, we received a very positive testimony from the energy consortium responsible for the power station, where our pumps are playing a pivotal role in safeguarding future operations.