Blog29 April 2021

Sykes expands super silenced range with new high performance pump

We are delighted to introduce the new HP150 super silenced jetting pump which has been added to our hire fleet with immediate effect.

Following months of market research, Sykes Pumps has pledged a significant investment in our latest units which satisfy an increasingly common customer requirement and fill a gap that previously existed in our expansive range.

These high-pressure units are perfect for removing build-up or obstructions that have developed in specialist applications including sewer lines, drains and washing plants.

An ability to operate at heads of up to 90 metres or deliver flows of up to 100 litres underlines the pump’s suitability to various maintenance operations, ranging from the cleaning of cooling towers and rotary kiln to paint stripping or any other situation where higher motive force is necessary.

Each unit incorporates its own built-in fuel tank to enable continuous and unattended functionality for up to 24 hours, with an electric start feature ensuring the pump can be up and running within seconds of arriving on site.

Features and benefits include:

  • Low noise operation for discreet use
  • Hard-wearing parts for robust applications
  • Automatic priming and re-priming for maximum efficiency
  • Compact and manoeuvrable for simple redeployment
  • Hours of unattended operation for continuous use
  • Electric start for swift functionality
  • Economical operation for greater fuel efficiency
  • Standard skid base chassis for easy placement

Housed in an acoustic canopy, our 6” HP150 pumps are ideal for projects that are being undertaken near residential areas or any other setting where low noise output is essential.

Despite the impressive performance capabilities of our latest innovation, the pump offers exceptional levels of fuel efficiency when compared with similar models available elsewhere.

Chris Graham, Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, said: “This pump perfectly complements our existing range and has been manufactured to precise specifications driven by the everyday requirements of our customers.

“What makes this pump special is its remarkable operational output combined with dramatically reduced noise levels, offering an all-encompassing solution to any jetting, dust suppression or temporary fire applications.”

For further information on the HP150 Super Silenced pump, click here for a detailed overview that includes a list of environments for which the unit is intended. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 211 611 to discuss a potential enquiry with one of our trained experts.

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