Blog18 January 2022

Sykes delivers pumping station alternative on building project

As part of the construction of a new residential development in Kent, a temporary solution was required to plug the gap while a permanent pumping station was built on site. Our customer explained that most new-build properties – particularly those with basements – necessitate excavation work that that may pose a risk of altering natural underground watercourses.

Because of this potential hazard, there is a constant need to maintain and operate a pumping station on site, which acts as a waterproofing system and tackles any potential drainage issues before they impact on the properties located in the vicinity.

At Sykes Pumps, we have worked on hundreds of similar applications, using our extensive knowledge to propose hire arrangements that tackle any groundwater issues at source. In this instance, we supplied a single 4” Super Silent pump which was used to drain down incoming water levels as and when needed.

Interestingly, this project had originally been undertaken by a competitor but we were delighted to acquire the contract after our client sought advice from an alternative provider. We are happy to report that everything went according to plan on this job and we now have the opportunity to secure more business with a new customer, who is a prominent name in the construction sector.

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