Blog16 August 2021

Sykes delivers drain down solution to assist pipework upgrade

Before conducting any repairs or upgrades on a pipework system, it is essential that the sections affected are drained properly ahead of work commencing. In most cases, a specialist pumping solution will be required to oversee this process – which is where we come in.

A well-known utility contractor was recently responsible for upgrading a length of pipeline on behalf of their client, South East Water. As a major account customer of ours, they were extremely familiar with our expansive pump hire fleet and thus knew precisely which unit was required to help them undertake this job.

The agreed plan involved removing water from the conduit and then discharging it into a local river. Of course, environmental regulations stipulate that water must be screened before being released into a natural watercourse, meaning a settlement tank would also be required.

Following discussions with the contractor, we supplied a GP100M diesel driven super silent pump, a settlement tank and accessories. The Environment Agency insisted on the use of a settlement tank, which was effective in trapping suspended solids and preventing them from finding their way into the river.

Once installed, our pump hire configuration worked exactly as intended and facilitated a major upgrade project for a water company that serves 2.2 million consumers. The client was extremely impressed with the professionalism of our team, which reaffirmed their decision to use Sykes Pumps on a regular basis.

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