Blog10 June 2021

Sykes continues to assist major residential development in Kent

Towards the back end of summer 2020, we reported our involvement with the £900m Ebbsfleet Garden City project – now expected to be completed by 2033.

With the help of Sykes Pumps, the lead contractor has made significant progress pumping out a lagoon that originally spanned dozens of acres on the site.

This huge body of water was split into three sections, and the first of which has already been emptied. At the time of writing, our 8” super silent pumps are transferring water from the middle section (pictured below) into the third section that sits next to it.

Having worked with the client for almost a year, they were very happy to defer to the knowledge of our local expert who recommended this solution. Their previous experience with our 8” pumps resulted in the first phase of the project being successfully completed, hence their desire to replicate the original configuration as closely as possible.

Due to the high heads and long pumping distances involved, it was crucial that we proposed a suitable pump hire which also included more than 1,000 metres of pipework.

The effectiveness of our pump hire arrangement is evidenced by the fact that the bottom of the lagoon is now visible in parts. We were able to achieve this by averting any potential for downtime and having the pumps running constantly since their arrival on site.

Our local engineer helped oversee the installation and has revisited the site regularly to ensure there were no issues.

It’s fair to say the diligence of our team was greatly appreciated by the customer, who confirmed their satisfaction with the speed in which the latest stage of the development was carried out.