Blog6 April 2016

Sykes assist major water provider following sewage pumps failure

At Sykes Pumps, we understand the need for immediate response times and operate a genuine 24/7/365 business to accommodate this need. As the UK’s leading pump hire company, we have the means and resources to handle emergency projects when out-of-hours calls are received, guaranteeing engineers can be on your site within a four hour timeframe.

So when we received one such call from a major water company suffering sewage failure, Sykes Pumps acted quickly to overcome the issue and prevent any serious long-term effects. At the request of our client, we worked through the night mustering and checking equipment ahead of a first light delivery on a crane lorry. Restricted access threatened to complicate matters, but our specialist vehicle fleet comprising of 4×4 lorries ensured we had the capability to override any potential difficulties.

By dawn Sykes delivered two ATEX rated XFP150M electric submersible pumps suitable for use in the hazardous Zone II environment.  The pumps were rated at 75kW and 55kW and were provided with the associated variable speed drive control equipment, and high pressure hoses.

Upon arrival, it became evident that additional drainage pumps would also be required to allow access for the installation of the wastewater pumps. Within two hours Sykes Pumps delivered two drainage submersible pumps, a 9.4kW P3001 and a 22kW PX12.

This quick response avoided possible sewage contamination which could have otherwise led to further pollution from the spread of disease-causing microbes.

Our local hire manager received congratulations from the customer following his team’s efforts, and summarised: “It’s what we do. In this business if we can’t offer our customers peace of mind that we will respond appropriately when required, how would they sleep at night?”

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