Blog31 May 2013

Summer’s Coming, and with it ‘Event’ Season has begun. Are You Ready….?

Keeping Guests Cool – Andrews Sykes: quiet and effective chillers and air conditioning

A key issue for Event and function organisers is creating a comfortable temperature without introducing noisy ‘industrial’ equipment. Andrews Chiller Hire division have added a new range of energy efficient 200kW Heat Pump Fluid Chillers to the already comprehensive and substantial national fleet of specialist climate control equipment. The new units, acknowledged as industry leaders for quietness, efficiency, and power, have been designed to work with Andrews Sykes Air Handling Units to cope with unexpected exceptional peak temperatures; hard to believe after our recent ‘double dip’ winter but experience shows us even in the UK we have to deal with periods of extreme temperatures.
The 200kW Semi-hermetic Reciprocal Compressor Heat Pump Fluid Chiller unit is used on standard, process and ice rink applications, and is ideally suited to all year round event work due to its dual usage for cooling and heating via the integrated Heat Pump. Service and general maintenance is minimal and installation and commissioning of the 200kW Fluid Chiller unit can be completed in under 2 hours.” Dennis Gwynne (Technical Director Andrews Sykes Hire Ltd)