Blog30 July 2019

Summer pop-up event runs smoothly thanks to Andrews Air Conditioning

The organisers of a food and entertainment pop-up summer event situated on the Thames South Bank recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning after experiencing an issue with their cooling and heating system inside their temporary marquee.

Based in a prominent location visited by tens of thousands of passers-by, the event is predicted to attract high numbers of visitors who expect conditions to be perfect. So, when the management team at the pop-up event noticed a slump in the number of attendees, it became clear that a temperature-related issue was putting people off.

Our regional specialist visited the site following an enquiry, surveying the area to ascertain which type of air conditioning units would be most suitable for the application. Due to the size of the marquee and the number of of staff and visitors working and attending the event, our team decided to install a high capacity HPAC90 unit capable of providing both heating and cooling.

The HPAC90 is one of our largest and most powerful air conditioning units and provides up to 90kW of hot or cold air. The unit – which was specifically designed with events and exhibitions in mind – was positioned outside the marquee and fitted with lengths of ducting to distribute was was, in this instance, cool air.

Thanks to our quick response and commitment, we were able to work within a short turnaround time and address the client’s climate control issues almost immediately.

The customer was extremely satisfied with our service and has opted to retain the unit on a long-term hire, ensuring any seasonal spike in temperature can be quickly counteracted!

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