Blog12 March 2014

Submersible Sykes Pumps aid anaerobic digestion system

A waste water solutions company in eastern England contacted Sykes Pumps following the failure of their existing pumps on site. Replacement equipment was urgently required in order to keep the system operational. We needed to respond to the problem immediately to preserve the plant’s functionality and prevent “bugs” used in the anaerobic digestion process from perishing. This practice has intensified in recent years because it reduces waste volumes and generates useful by-products.

An engineer visited the site to ascertain what would need to be provided. Temporary diesel pumps were initially supplied, and these were eventually supplemented by two electric submersible XFP100E units. Installation was then followed up by a handful of visits to the site to ensure everything was running efficiently. Subsequently the equipment has remained at the plant ever since, facilitating a smooth and continuous digestion procedure.

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