Blog24 June 2021

Submersible pump solution facilitates repairs on Kent lock

Even today, locks play a crucial role in water navigation and allow boats to be raised or lowered between different stretches of a canal. From time to time, these unique contraptions require maintenance to ensure the integrity of components and their continued functionality.

Sykes Pumps was recently contacted by an infrastructural project manager working on behalf of the Environment Agency. Our client was looking to carry out some repairs on a lock in Kent but needed our assistance before they could commence. There were two parts to this project – draining the lock and then controlling the flow of water thereafter.

A regional Sykes representative visited site to calculate the overpumping requirement and propose a suitable installation. We initially supplied two 4” 9kW P3001 electric submersible pumps after the customer indicated their preference for smaller units. However, changing water levels caused by heavy rainfall necessitated the use of bigger pumps with larger performance capacities, prompting us to provide two supplementary 6” 56kW PX30 drainers.

This arrangement enabled our client to make up lost time following delays caused by the weather conditions, and they have now completed the first phase of the project. The success of this original hire is evidenced by the fact that we have since been asked to supply equipment to support some secondary works scheduled for a few weeks later.

Our customer was quick to compliment the diligence of Sykes Pumps’ local engineer, who attended site while the hire was ongoing to make sure that everything was working as planned. The speed with which we provided additional pumps to operate alongside the existing kit was also said to be a huge contributing factor in us securing a second contract.

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