Blog24 August 2023

Striving for carbon neutrality: Our commitment to sustainability

At Andrews Sykes, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric. We firmly believe that sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial for the long-term success of our business and the well-being of our planet. By pursuing green technologies, adhering to regulations, gaining accreditations, and implementing measures to reduce waste and carbon emissions, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to a healthier planet. By embracing sustainability in our business model, we not only benefit the environment but also provide our customers with innovative and eco-friendly solutions as listed below.

Remote monitoring, efficient heat pump technologies, and telemetry systems:
To minimise unnecessary travel and energy consumption of our customers, we are always upgrading our telemetry systems, enabling customers to troubleshoot issues remotely. This technology provides real-time feedback on essential information like fuel levels and efficiency, eliminating the need for site visits. By reducing travel, we not only save energy but also contribute to a cleaner environment. We prioritise the adoption of efficient heat pump technologies, which enable us to provide effective heating and cooling solutions while minimising energy consumption. By utilising these technologies, we optimise energy efficiency and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon reduction accreditations:
To validate our dedication to sustainability, we have obtained various accreditations, such as the ISO 14001 certification from the International Organisation for Standards. This endorsement highlights our adherence to best practices in environmental management systems, emphasising our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, several of our depots have achieved the FORS Silver standard, which ensures vehicle fleet safety and emissions compliance. We regularly undergo audits by Reduce Carbon (CEMARS), showcasing our continuous reduction in carbon emissions since 2013.

Adhering to government policies and recommendations and our compliance with Stage V regulations:
As responsible corporate citizens, we closely follow government policies and recommendations related to sustainability. By aligning our operations with these guidelines, we actively contribute to national and international efforts to combat climate change. To stay ahead of evolving environmental regulations, we have proactively manufactured pumps that conform to the Stage V regulations. These pump engines produce far less harmful emissions and maintain the exceptional performance associated with our equipment. By investing in compliant products, we ensure that our operations align with the latest guidelines, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting cleaner air quality.

Reducing paper use and eliminating waste:
Within our depots, we encourage all staff to reduce paper consumption and eliminate wastage. Company policies now dictate that payslips are emailed to employees instead of being printed and posted. Additionally, we prioritise electronic transmission of invoices and order confirmations. We encourage double-sided printing and actively promote recycling within our facilities. These simple yet important steps help us minimise waste and reduce our ecological footprint.

Embracing electric technologies:
Recognising the need for greener alternatives, we have invested in thousands of electric units, including boilers, heaters, and pumps. By offering electric options, we address concerns regarding fluctuating gas prices and fuel scarcity. Our commitment to a greener hire fleet has led us to explore the viability of electric technologies, resulting in the availability of modern submersible pumps, portable air conditioners and boilers with capacities of up to 80kW from a single unit. Embracing electric technologies allows us to significantly reduce carbon emissions while providing efficient and reliable solutions to our customers.