Blog18 September 2015

Specialist manufacturer kept functional during annual shutdown

More and more manufacturers temporarily decommission their sites in order to make cost savings or changes to their applications. Some of these plants never open again, but others – like in the case of a Glamorgan-based customer – remain fully operational during a short mothballing period.

The facility in question was heated by steam but before it could be cleared for shutdown, an alternative solution needed to be put in place to ensure production targets were continually met. A hire package was therefore proposed by one of our technicians, and comprised of a 100kW boiler, 150kW air handling unit and a heat exchanger.

Industrial processes being carried out on site stipulated that temperatures could not be allowed to drop below 85°C. Our boiler unit and plate heat exchanger was positioned in a designated area and hot water was supplied to the existing heating system so that temperatures could be increased immediately.

Having worked at the plant on a previous occasion, we were able to recommend a similar configuration to one that had been successful in the past. Our latest heating package proved to be just as effective and prevented production from faltering, as had been required by the client.

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