Blog8 September 2014

Specialist educational institution in London requires cooling

With temperatures in the capital regularly approaching 30°C during August, it was perhaps unsurprising that demand for climate control solutions soared. So when a dedicated drawing school in Hackney required a temporary cooling system, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of a temporary hire package.

The client was an existing customer of ours and approached us following the breakdown of their fixed units. With much of the South East experiencing a heatwave at the time, alternative equipment was sought immediately as the premises had begun to overheat.

From the initial enquiry, a member of our expert contact centre was able to propose a viable remedy based on information provided over the phone. It was therefore decided that six Polar Wind exhaust-type units would bring temperatures down to a more desireable level, and these were on site shortly after the call.

These proved to be very effective and kept all classrooms and their occupants cool throughout an exceptionally warm period.

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