Blog9 December 2019

Special needs school requires boiler hire replacement

An unexpected boiler breakdown can be a troubling scenario for any industry, there is simply no margin for error when peoples’ education could be in jeopardy. Legal requirements stipulate that schools and learning facilities must ensure that classroom temperatures are at a minimum of 18⁰C or face potential closures.

Andrews Boilers was recently contacted by a special needs school based in Devon after a severe flood caused damage to their existing boiler unit. The client’s boiler room is located in the basement of the building and became submerged by water following heavy rainfall in the area. An emergency replacement was subsequently required as quickly as possible to ensure that lessons could proceed as normal.

An absence of heating and hot water would have left the school without basic amenities including warmth and functional showers, which is why we acted immediately. The problem was brought to our attention out-of-hours on a Friday evening, with the client requesting that we install a boiler hire replacement before the school reopened the following Monday.

One of our local engineers visited site an hour after we received contact and proposed a solution based on the school’s required heating and hot water capacities. It was decided that a 100kW boiler unit would provide sufficient duty for the application, with the unit connected directly to their plant room. We also supplied a 3,000-litre fuel tank to sit alongside the unit, which was chosen because its huge capacity would negate the need for us to revisit site and refuel further down the line.

The temporary boiler arrangement offered a perfect replacement to a client in desperate need for our expert intervention which helped avert a crisis. Our customer even commented that our boiler unit was quiet in operation, allowing it to sit unobtrusively without causing any disturbance to pupils and teachers in the vicinity.

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