Blog4 October 2023

Sky-high pipework standards maintained at Heathrow Airport

For more than 160 years, Sykes Pumps has been the go-to name in pumping solutions. Our reputation for unparalleled quality and service remains unmatched, underpinned by our pledge to reach customers within four hours, regardless of location.

Recently, our team executed a comprehensive flushing operation at a major London airport, cleansing the intricate pipework system that supplies hot water throughout the entire airport.

The key goals for this critical flushing operation were:

· Sustaining a flow rate of 72 litres per second to thoroughly flush the system.
· Maintaining consistent pressure to ensure efficiency.
· Thoroughly cleaning the pipework to guarantee optimal performance.

To achieve the necessary flow rate and pressure, we deployed a high-powered pump to vigorously propel water through an extensive pipe network. This rapidly circulated the water, dislodging and expelling any accumulated sediment or contaminants.

By regularly conducting these flushing operations, the pipework at the airport is maintained in pristine condition, ensuring smooth functioning at maximum efficiency. The required flow rates and pressure are upheld, guaranteeing passengers and staff a reliable supply of hot water.

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