Blog4 June 2014

Simulation of holiday village heating system ensures future operation

When a well-known holiday resort company built a new park in Milton Keynes, they needed to commission a new 2 megawatt boiler in order to keep chalets and facilities warm. However, the heating in these buildings which branched off the central system had not been commissioned and thus an alternative was immediately required.

Andrews Boilers were tasked with finding a way to simulate the loading which the newly-installed boiler would be put under, when the whole camp was up and running. We decided to set up a 2 megawatt plate heat exchanger and connect it to the customer’s flow one side, while returning the other side to Andrews’ air handlers.

By using a temporary replacement, we were able to test all heating systems within the complex and ensure the heating was fully operational. A site survey allowed our engineers to recommend an effective solution and subsequently deliver all necessary equipment. This enabled us to commission their boiler well before the resort opened for businesses – much to the client’s relief.