Blog30 June 2023

Serving up aces at prestigious tennis event

With a legacy of excellence, Andrews Sykes has built robust business relationships across diverse industries, including sports and leisure. For over a decade, we have consistently assigned a dedicated engineer to install a 100 kW Chiller at a prominent London tennis tournament.

Driven by our client’s vision to elevate the experience of VIP guests, we embarked on a mission to transform their indoor court into an exclusive lounge for tennis club members. Leveraging our expertise in court infrastructure and lounge design, our engineers swiftly conducted a comprehensive safety site survey. This meticulous approach paved the way for seamless chiller installation and ducting, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the tournament.

Our 100 kW temporary chiller unit efficiently regulated the temperature within the entire lounge area, creating a cool and invigorating environment even during intense matches and scorching temperatures. With our reliable cooling solution in place, spectators were able to immerse themselves fully in the thrilling competition, undisturbed by any discomfort or distractions.

The resounding positive feedback and immense satisfaction expressed by our esteemed customers further reaffirmed the strength of our partnership and their unwavering trust in our capabilities. The continued success of this tennis tournament project serves as a shining testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, cultivating enduring relationships, and elevating the overall event experience.