Blog20 January 2014

Server room air conditioning failure at military base

A military base in East Anglia recently had a communication malfunction due to a problem with the air conditioning unit in their server room. The unit had provided temperature control for the server rooms of a famous Army Regiment. The extreme heat resulted in the computers overheating and shutting down. Fortunately, Andrews Chiller Hire was just a call away and assisted the barracks immediately.

A specialist from Andrews arrived on site to assess the problem. This was swiftly followed by the delivery and installation of the equipment. We provided one 30kW Chiller and three 15kW air handling units. Our solution was to place the 30kW chiller outside the building and connect it to a circuit of three 15 KW air handlers placed around the server room, to achieve maximum climate control. These units are fitted with fan speed controllers and internal condensate pumps for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Andrews Sykes were able to respond and help this world famous Army Regiment and get their communications working promptly. Our genuine 24/7 support and maintenance service for all chillers on hire meant that this server room was quickly back up and running again, to the delight of the customer.