Blog21 September 2023

September’s Product of the Month: Aurora FH 111 DV heater

As summer’s end ushers in frosty temperatures, keeping facilities warm becomes critical. Our September product of the month, the Aurora FH 111 DV indirect fired oil heater, is a powerful, heavy-duty heating solution ready for winter.

This compact unit measures just 78cm wide, manoeuvring into tight spaces where bulkier heaters can’t. With 110kW of nominal heating capacity, the FH 111 DV efficiently warms large areas up to 2,440m3. It’s ideal for barns, warehouses, construction sites, events, and anywhere requiring robust indoor heating.

Operated automatically for safety, while allowing adjustable fan speeds for custom heat control, this heater boasts an outstanding 92%+ efficiency rating at full power. This maximizes your fuel consumption while minimizing operating costs.

Convenience features include a thermostat connection to pre-set your desired temperature. Integrated crane hooks and forklift slots enable easy positioning. An 18” outlet even allows ducting attachment to direct heat anywhere needed.

Don’t let your facilities freeze this winter.


Contact us at 0800 211 611 to learn more or get a quote on this cold-fighting product of the month!