Blog9 July 2015

Scottish floods spark massive dehumidification hire in Aberdeen

While much of the UK is currently enjoying blazing sunshine and 25°C temperatures, North East Scotland has been contending with torrential rain and the severe effects downpours have had on the region.

The Met Office had issued a yellow ‘be aware’ weather warning before heavy showers struck, but it appears the sheer ferocity of the deluge greatly exceeded forecasts in the preceding days.

As a result, a large number of businesses and domestic households have felt the impact of flooding – leaving hundreds of people in desperate need of some assistance. Andrews Dehumidification has therefore been extremely active in Aberdeen and its surrounding towns, providing drying equipment and ventilation fans in a bid to accelerate the process.

By supplying local companies and residences with dehumidification units almost immediately, we have been able to prevent woodwork, carpets and other valuables from succumbing to permanent damage.

Our equipment not only drys saturated premises in the shortest possible time; it also limits the spreading of water and damp to parts of a shop or house which may not have originally been affected. Swift implementation of any drying solution is absolutely crucial but – thanks to our 24/7 service – is something we routinely accommodate.

The quick response time of our Aberdeen-based engineers ultimately helped curtail the possibility of far greater damage than was actually suffered, while those not so fortunate are now well and truly on the road to recovery.