Blog3 July 2018

Scorching London temperatures leave Andrews Air Conditioning inundated with orders

Weather experts have warned Londoners that an intense heatwave could smother the city for up to a month, which is bad news for anyone currently competing in this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships!

Temperatures in the capital exceeded 30°C at the end of June, with repeats expected imminently.

It’s fair to say that summer is now well and truly here in the UK – particularly across the south of England – prompting a significant number of air conditioning hires in London and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been flat out over the past few days to ensure businesses across the capital have the equipment they need to continue operating at full capacity.

More than 100 Polar Wind portable air conditioners were sent to a nine-storey office complex in the city of London last week, following a desperate request for some replacement cooling after their existing chiller system broke down.

We provided a range of air conditioning solutions to thirteen healthcare facilities across Kent and Greater London, after the facilities manager responsible for the premises sought emergency intervention.

Elsewhere, our technicians supplied a famous restaurant in Old Park Lane with eight evaporative cooler units to help keep their customers cool. The same products were also requested by a retail store at Westfield in Stratford after shoppers complained about being too warm.

When it comes to air conditioning hire in London, we have a proven track record of delivering the goods and solving your temperature-related problems at the first time of asking. Whether you seek a small 2.2kW unit for a one-person office or a high capacity HPAC model for a data centre or large marquee, Andrews Air Conditioning have got you covered.