Blog29 April 2013

Schools struggle to cope with ‘stressed out’ systems

Helping Schools remain open with Andrews Sykes Emergency Boiler Hire

The recent prolonged ‘double dip’ winter created havoc; schools across the country struggled to stay open as boilers and heating systems failed under exceptional stress

A recent example where a Hampshire School was almost forced to close for an extensive period as major repairs were undertaken to heating and hot water boilers, highlights how this can impact on pupils, staff, parents and the local community. Lack of funds to invest in adequate maintenance of old and outdated plant, led to unexpected but inevitable failure

Andrews Sykes Emergency Boiler Units

Desperate to keep the school open and comfortable and the catering department operational with adequate supply of essential hot water, the school management asked Andrews Sykes to create and provide an interim solution while the main boilers were repaired and overhauled

Within 2 hours we had attended site, surveyed the system, specified an appropriate Emergency Boiler Unit which was delivered and installed 8 hours later

Serious disruption was averted, and the school was delighted to be able to maintain provision of a great learning environment, and parents could carry on with ‘business as usual’