Blog1 December 2016

Scalextric unveil celebrated Andrews Heat for Hire car model

After forty-two years, Andrews Heat for Hire is still being recognised for supporting former British rallying champion Russell Brookes in what, even today, still represents one of the longest-standing sponsorships in sport.

This October, one of Britain’s first mini-model manufacturers acknowledged the significance of this relationship by producing a replica version of the distinctive yellow car – complete with Heat for Hire branding across the bodywork.

The beastly Sunbeam Talbot became synonymous with the unparalleled achievements of British motorsport legend Mr. Brookes. He went on to win the Constructors’ Championship from behind the wheel of this classic car, which now features in Scalextrics’ latest release!

The mini vintage imitations are a great reminder of the seventeen years Andrews spent working alongside one of the sport’s most iconic drivers. These diminutive Talbot models, shown in the video above, will serve as a historic and permanent reminder of what can rightly be regarded as one of the most successful partnerships ever seen in British sport.

Until this year, the last time our company logo appeared on a motorcar was way back in 1991, so the most recent vehicle addition to the Scalextrics’ sizeable archive serves as a timely and pertinent reminder of times gone by.