Blog25 July 2023

Rising to the challenge: adapting to overcome market obstacles

At Sykes Pumps, we take pride in our ability to overcome challenges and provide innovative solutions for our clients. Recently, in Macclesfield, North Cheshire, we undertook a challenging project for the local council.

They required a new headwall to be installed on a concrete culvert, necessitating the removal of water from site to create a suitable base for the structure. Thanks to our expertise and the strategic planning process of our sales engineers, we devised an efficient and effective solution to tackle this demanding task.

Given the limited access and the impracticality of diesel units due to their size, we deployed five P2001 electric submersible pumps. This particular model is specifically engineered to operate submerged in water, making them ideal for scenarios where limited access or confined spaces pose challenges eliminate the viability of larger diesel units. The flexibility of this arrangement ensured that we could address the pumping needs of the project without compromising on performance or productivity.

Thanks to the organisation of the local council and our own team, the project was successfully completed within a remarkable 10-day timeframe. Regardless of the location, environment, or challenge at hand, our comprehensive lineup of pump units ensures that we can adapt to any situation and deliver the correct equipment in every single instance.

But it’s not just our ability to devise bespoke solutions that sets us apart from other others. Our ongoing mission is to cultivate continuous growth in our pump unit offerings, integrating cutting-edge technological advancements, and adapting to the changing requirements of the industry. This steadfast dedication ensures that we remain a reliable and esteemed provider of versatile, dependable, and energy-efficient pumping solutions spanning the UK, Europe, and the UAE.