Blog4 March 2021

Residential development kept on track thanks to Andrews Heat for Hire

When the construction company responsible for building two new blocks of flats in North London became concerned about adverse weather and low temperatures slowing the project, they turned to us. Their primary concern was that internal trades including timber joinery and the laying of flooring would fall behind schedule and cause delays to the entire development.

By keeping timber at a stable and warm temperature, the heating process breaks down hemicellulose which prevents the wood containing the nutrients required to allow rot and the growth of fungi. Despite being a seemingly small measure, taking such a precaution will dramatically extend the quality and lifespan of the timber.

There were two separate areas requiring our attention and, following a site survey, our local expert advocated using two FH185 indirect fired heaters. The heaters were each accompanied by their own fuel tank and electric generator to ensure there was sufficient power for them to run continuously for extensive periods.

As a result of our tailored heater hire solution, we were able to propel all internal works without compromising on safety or the quality of the final product. This type of application is fairly typical of requirements we receive at this time of year and is indicative of our ability to provide bespoke arrangements adapted to suit the needs of clients.

Despite logistical issues that included space restrictions, we were able to provide a very effective installation which was assisted by using a crane to lift all kit into situ. Our units will remain on hire until the project’s completion and have been instrumental in alleviating fears that a strict deadline might be missed.