Blog9 May 2014

Replacement of R22 refrigerant permanent units

During the shutdown of a distribution warehouse for a major food retailer, a project was planned to swap all R22 refrigerant out of their permanent units. This was ordered by the E.U regulations regarding the potential ozone layer damage. The sheer scale of the warehouse meant that food stocks could not be moved and had to be kept within the storage area, which Andrews Sykes needed to cool.

Ten Fast Chill 90 Low Temperature Chillers was provided to keep the warehouse at a temperature of minus 15 degree Celsius. This effectively preserved the stock while work was being completed during the scheduled shutdown period. All units were placed at high level within the area providing a constant air flow and temperature across the product. The indoor units were connected to an exterior heat exchanger which dissipated the heat from the storage area to atmosphere.

The warehouse manager was extremely satisfied with our service, particularly as no disruption was caused to the day to day working in the warehouse. All of Andrews Chillers conform to the correct environmental safety standards and are the most reliable chiller units available within the market.

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