Blog9 October 2015

Replacement air conditioning required after hotel suffers chiller failure

At Andrews Chiller Hire, we acknowledge the weight of importance your guests place on hotels providing efficient climate control when required. Failure to maintain your cooling system can lead to untimely breakdowns and in turn, severely affect the reputation of your business.

So when a highly regarded guesthouse in the Docklands area suffered chiller failure, an immediate solution was required safeguarding all rooms against the heat. Fortunately, our flagship depot is situated just three miles away from the client’s location, meaning replacement equipment was quickly delivered within a matter of hours.

After calculating the desired cooling capacities, it was decided that a large 750kW fluid chiller would adequately supersede the original air conditioning system. This enabled us to supply the correct hire package at the first time of asking and thus avoid any potential for complaints to be made.

The installation itself was particularly awkward due to the distance between the hotel and the area in which our chiller was stationed. This was however overcome by using lengths of hosing to run through floors and walls, ensuring a temporary arrangement was in place while repairs on the faulty chiller units were carried out.

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