Blog3 August 2022

Rapid Response pump: leading the industry, then and now

It’s been almost six years since we first launched our revered Rapid Response pump – and it’s still as popular as ever among our customers.

Simple in both its design and concept, the unit’s primary advantage is the fact that it can legally be towed by small vans and medium-sized vehicles in the event of an emergency.

There is no need for a dedicated delivery lorry, no need for an expert engineer to oversee installation, and no need for any specialist training.

Although small in size, our Rapid Response model can pump up to 130,000 litres of water for every hour of operation, with a self-priming feature allowing it to be up and running within seconds of arriving on site.

At the time of launch, the product was billed as ‘the most robust, compact and cost-effective road-towable pump on the market’ – and that’s still true to this day.

Few pumps truly combine manoeuvrability, good performance specs, a silenced engine and having a built-in fuel tank, but our Rapid Response pump covers all bases.

Features and benefits include:

–          Lightweight frame suitable for towing even by medium-sized vehicles

–          Silenced engine allowing discreet deployment in noise-sensitive areas

–          Built-in fuel tank permitting full functionality within seconds of arrival on site

–          Quick release couplings for swift installation

–          High flow rates which are ideal for incidents of localised flooding

–          High discharge pressures for instances where extensive hose lengths are required

–          Fuel tank capacity of 35 litres enabling continuous operation for up to 24 hours

For more information, call us today on 0800 211 611, or click the video below to see the pump in action: