Blog23 September 2021

Quarry operatives approach Sykes for groundwater removal

Quarrying and mineral extraction have been integral to the evolution of humans for thousands of years, with stone, sand and gravel still commonly used on construction projects to this day. And while methods have evolved with time, the basic principles still remain.

One of the biggest challenges quarries and mines face is the presence of groundwater, as this can prevent materials from being safely and effectively extracted.

In such situations, a temporary pumping arrangement may be required to remove this nuisance water. This process generally involves excavating below the water table to develop a sump area from which to pump. Sykes Pumps can provide a number of cost-effective pumping solutions to suit the various potential applications, with equipment that is capable of operating in quarry conditions.

A long-term customer of Sykes recently approached us with the intention of dewatering an area of nuisance water at their site. Our client was concerned that the quarry’s location – situated within a particularly marshy region of Cambridgeshire – would cause them to be continually blighted by excess water unless action was taken.

From our perspective, this was a straightforward application that could be addressed via the use of a single pump. But in addition to the supply and installation of the equipment, we also provide as standard a two-week servicing on the pump. This is offered irrespective of hours run and gave the customer peace of mind considering the remote location.

The response of our regional expert was to propose the use of a Super Wispaset 150, which was connected to a 150mm diameter discharge line approximately 100 metres away into a central pond.

Once again, the service provided by our engineers was exemplary and reaffirmed precisely why the quarry’s operations team has routinely turned to us during times of need.

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