Blog20 May 2024

Putting pumps to the test at a local quarry

At Sykes Pumps, we pride ourselves on providing tough, reliable pumping equipment that can handle even the most challenging job sites and conditions. A recent service call to a quarry just outside Doncaster was the perfect example of that.


This particular quarry is constantly battling inflowing groundwater. To keep the quarry operable, the customer hired one of our powerhouse GP150 pumps to remove the standing water.

While incredibly robust, pumps certainly don’t prefer being submerged in a messy slurry of sand, grit and grime for months on end. But that’s exactly the harsh operating environment this GP150 found itself in at the quarry.

When we arrived on site recently for the scheduled pump service, the unit was caked in quarry debris from head to toe. But thanks to its rugged construction, it was still running strong and keeping that water moving!


Our service technician gave the hardworking pump a thorough going over, ensuring all components were in top shape to power through the remaining hire period at this demanding site.

The Sykes Pumps difference

At the end of this hire, the pump will need a full overhaul service and likely a full repaint after its extreme duty cycle. But that’s the level of commitment Sykes Pumps makes to our customers – providing pumps that can take a beating and the expertise to keep them going.


No matter what job it is, Sykes Pumps has the right pump for the job. And we’ll back it up with industry-leading service and support to make sure your pump never quits. Get in touch by calling 0800 211 611 today to learn more!