Blog8 November 2023

Providing swift, dedicated service in any condition

We recently dispatched Andy, one of our top field engineers, to a remote quarry location before hazardous conditions and heavy rainfall could cause any problems on site.

Although it was late in the day after completing a full schedule, Andy readily agreed to drive to the quarry. Upon arrival, he methodically assessed and addressed multiple complex issues to successfully restore pumping operations before rising water levels became dangerous.

Throughout the challenging process, Andy applied his technical expertise while maintaining an upbeat attitude and keeping the client informed of his progress. He made multiple trips in the rain and mud to retrieve needed tools and parts from his service vehicle parked some distance away from the area of concern.

The client was thrilled to have a critical pumping system online in double quick time and commended Andy for his upbeat character and excellent customer service even in tough circumstances.

In their words: “His determination, positive attitude and demeanour are to be applauded. What a fantastic ambassador for Sykes!”

This experience shows our commitment to urgent onsite response and building trust through dependable service. More than just mechanical fixes, our field repairs represent our broader mission of providing clients peace of mind. To learn more, contact us at 0800 211 611.