Blog13 January 2014

Protect your site from frost using Andrews Heat for Hire

As the weather becomes colder and colder it is essential construction companies take precautions in order to prevent damage to buildings and equipment. Freezing temperatures can easily delay critical projects as delicate materials can cause major problems with plaster, concrete and other wet trades on site. Andrews Heat for Hire and Andrews Dehumidification are available to provide heaters and dehumidifiers whenever needed to ensure that buildings under construction are protected from frost damage. Specialist equipment can accelerate the drying process and stop damage from happening.#

Andrews Dehumidification protect site from frost


Popular heaters for this task include the FH185, FH2000 and FH4000 amongst our ever popular DE range of portable electric heaters. An expert can be on site within hours for a free site survey to determine your needs. We also offer a fuel management service, expert on site advice, simple installation and delivery, all by a trained specialist. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry Andrews Heat for Hire are the UK’s number one heater hire company. Site managers should prepare now for the winter instead of risking delays to the building schedule when the cold weather further sets in.