Blog7 November 2022

Product of the month – November

Indirect Fired Oil Heater – The Aurora FH 4000

Indirect fired oil heaters are refined, reliable, and ready-to-use heaters and quite rightly sit among the most popular units in our range. They are ideal for places where there is limited ventilation, or where people are present, as they deliver huge volumes of clean, dry, fume and noise-free heat safely and economically.

The Aurora FH 4000 is a high-capacity oil-fired heater delivering capacities of up to 383kW from a single unit. This fully portable heater is capable of 92% fuel efficiency when functioning at full capacity, which is what makes it so popular with clients. Each unit comes complete with an integrated thermostat, with the resultant fuel conservation allowing significant cost savings of up to 20%.

For most applications, the use of recirculation ducting is possible – meaning the heater itself will consume less fuel and operate more efficiently when maintaining the desired temperature.

Very few companies can match our expertise and knowledge when it comes devising and implementing the perfect solution. We also offer free site surveys – conducted by industry specialists who truly understand your requirements – so you’ll never need to worry about selecting the correct equipment yourself.

We’ll even deliver the fuel to your site and manage your fuel requirements throughout the hire period.

If you’re still unsure about which steps to take, or you’d like to discuss a potential heating hire with one of our dedicated experts, call us today on 0800 211 611.