Blog5 January 2023

Product of the month – January

ID65 Indirect Fired Oil Heater

We’re kicking off 2023 with another product of the month – and this time it’s our fully portable ID65 Indirect Fired Oil Heater.

With construction sites now open again after the Christmas break, we’ve noticed an immediate increase in demand for high capacity heating solutions.

That’s where our practical and robust ID65 unit comes in. It has a nominal heating duty of 65kW, making it the ideal solution for industrial surroundings and applications of up to 1,625m³ in size.

A surge in requests for this particular product has coincided with the recent fall in diesel prices, which ultimately makes the unit even more economical to run than was the case towards the back end of last year.

Consuming just 5.25 l/h of fuel on average, the ID65 is typically used where large volumes of safe, fume-free heat are required.

Each unit features a radial fan for powerful heat distribution to increase temperatures effortlessly, with external thermostat compatibility making it easier to reach and maintain the desired conditions.

Simple installation and automatic operation render the ID65 perfect for building sites, warehouses, events, or any scenario where unattended functionality is advantageous.

Want to see it in action? Watch the video below.