Blog13 July 2023

PRODUCT LAUNCH: More choice for your cooling needs this summer!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our existing range of evaporative cooler units with the introduction of two innovative models: the Turbo Cool and the Cyclone Series 2. These recent additions are designed to provide you with even more options when it comes to selecting the perfect evaporative cooler for your needs.

At Andrews Sykes, we have always been committed to offering sustainable and efficient cooling solutions, and these new units exemplify our dedication to upholding this pledge. Evaporative coolers have numerous characteristics that make them an excellent alternative to typical air conditioning systems.

What are the benefits of evaporative coolers?

First and foremost, evaporative coolers are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Unlike traditional AC units, which tend to consume significantly more electricity, evaporative coolers rely on the natural process of evaporation to cool air within the vicinity in which they are deployed. By harnessing this process, these units deliver targeted spot cooling while using minimal energy, resulting in significant savings on your utility bills.

Another advantage of evaporative coolers is their ease of use. With simple controls and intuitive functionality, the Turbo Cool and Cyclone Series 2 make cooling your space a breeze. Just fill the water reservoir, adjust the settings to your liking, and enjoy a refreshing blast of cool air almost immediately. Our latest products are designed with convenience in mind, ensuring that you can effortlessly create a comfortable environment without any hassle.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to seeking relief from scorching temperatures, and our new evaporative coolers deliver just that. The Turbo Cool and Cyclone Series 2 have been manufactured for swiftness and efficiency, providing noticeable temperature relief as soon as you turn them on. No need to wait for your space to cool down gradually; our units provide near-instant relief from the heat!

Hire a breath of fresh air, today!

Excitingly, these new units are available for immediate hire, bolstering our extensive offering and ensuring that our customers continue to have access to the best cooling solutions on the market. Whether you need a temporary cooling solution for a special one-off event or a more long-term installation for an area where conventional air conditioning units are not economically feasible, our two newest evaporative coolers give you food for thought.

Embrace sustainability, simplicity, speed, and cost-effectiveness with our Turbo Cool and Cyclone Series 2 models!

These units have been added to our hire fleet with immediate effect, which means customers can get their hands on them as from today.

Interested? View our full range of evaporative coolers by clicking here, or alternatively, you can speak to one of our dedicated experts by calling 0800 211 611.