Blog26 August 2014

Prestigious hotel in London seeks replacement air conditioning

At Andrews, we understand that effective climate control is of the utmost importance within the hospitality sector, and that a failure to provide this can severely affect a business’ reputation. So when a highly-regarded hotel in Greenwich required emergency cooling to appease visitors, we had a solution installed within hours of the initial enquiry.

A temporary replacement was needed following chiller failure, but in order to ascertain the best equipment for the application, a technician conducted a free site survey. This enabled us to establish the most appropriate equipment, and it was subsequently decided that eight Polar Wind units would adequately cool the affected areas.

Along with the portable air conditioning models, we also provided window kits and fish tails – thus reducing the ducting diameter and allowing windows to remain sealed. This ensured the entire premises was kept cool while the client’s existing chiller unit was repaired and was put in place on the same day the issue was reported.