Blog19 September 2013

Preserving the Past with Andrews Dehumidifiers

Work has begun on an exciting project that will preserve a number of valuable artefacts at a 120 year old Manchester Gallery. The complete refurbishment of the gallery means that a potential storage space has to be created in the basement of the building. The gallery struggled to obtain the correct relative humidity levels and temperature required for the artefacts preservation.


Moonlight by Joesph Turner (1841).
Stored safely after the use of Andrews Dehumidifiers.

Andrews Dehumidification are recording the humidity and temperature levels for ten weeks and producing weekly reports for the client. These reports have proved invaluable at helping the team create a suitable storage area. The fitting of three Andrews DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers has kept the museums treasures at a relative humidity level and suitable temperature.

Andrews Sykes successfully reduced the relative humidity of the storage spaces that include millions of pounds worth of works including those by Degas, Cézanne and Van Gogh. The dehumidification of the basement means that the Museum can exhibit these priceless works safely on their own premises.