Blog11 May 2023

Portable perfection: why our split-type AC units are the perfect choice for data centres

The success of many businesses often depends on the ability of a data centre to run smoothly and efficiently. One of the options available to businesses in the UK is the use of portable air conditioning units. On larger scales, a chiller and air handling arrangement may be a more suitable alternative. At Andrews Sykes, our extensive experience provides us with a competitive edge when it comes to creating and implementing practical solutions that truly safeguard these critical assets.

Why is air conditioning important in data centres?

Data centres are essential components of businesses, storing vast amounts of sensitive information while generating significant heat in the process. Without efficient cooling, the temperature can rise quickly, causing equipment to malfunction or fail, resulting in data loss, downtime, and damage. That’s why air conditioning is crucial to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for optimal equipment performance and longevity.

The impact of air conditioning on data centre efficiency

Air conditioning has a direct impact on data centre efficiency. When equipment operates outside the recommended temperature range, its performance is compromised, and energy consumption increases. To guarantee efficiency, air conditioning must maintain the recommended temperature range, ensuring peak performance while reducing operating costs.

The benefits of portable air conditioning units:


  • Flexibility and Portability

One of the primary benefits of portable air conditioning units is that they provide businesses with flexibility and portability, making them more beneficial than fixed units. Unlike fixed units, portable air conditioning units are easy to move, making them ideal for businesses that require changes to their equipment layout and configuration. Additionally, portable units can be used in other areas of the business when needed, providing more value for money.


  • Easy Installation

Portable air conditioning units require minimal installation time, and they can be up and running within minutes. In contrast, fixed units require significant installation time and can often involve severely disrupt the surrounding workspace. By using portable units, businesses can avoid downtime and reduce disturbance to employees.


  • Energy Efficiency

Portable air conditioning units are designed to be energy-efficient, making them a cost-effective option for businesses. Fixed units consume significant amounts of energy, resulting in high energy bills. Portable units, on the other hand, are designed to operate economically, providing cooling where it’s needed most.


  • Effective Cooling

Portable air conditioning units are designed to provide effective cooling, even in areas with high heat loads, like data centres. Traditional cooling systems may not sufficiently maintain the ideal temperature, but portable units can provide targeted cooling, ensuring that the temperature in the data centre remains within the recommended range. Portable units are also designed to operate quietly, minimising disruption.


  • Cost-Effective

Portable air conditioning units are cost-effective, reducing the need for multiple fixed units. Portable units are also energy-efficient, resulting in lower energy bills for the business. Finally, portable units require minimal installation time, reducing the overall cost of installation.

Andrews Sykes specializes in creating and implementing practical solutions for data centres and offices looking to safeguard their critical assets. Our extensive experience provides us with a competitive edge when it comes to designing and installing cooling systems. We offer high-capacity chiller units to keep your business moving. Our nationwide network and 24-hour service help our clients get quick cooling solutions regardless of location or time of day, providing peace of mind even in challenging situations.

To ensure we provide the most appropriate cooling solutions for your specific requirements, we offer a free survey prior to installation. This step allows us to determine the best course of action for your process and make any necessary modifications if your circumstances change. Contact us today at 0800 211 611 to book your free survey and experience the benefits of portable air conditioning units for your data centre or office.