Blog3 June 2015

Portable air conditioning: don’t get caught out this summer

With temperatures gradually rising and the British summer now upon us, the Met Office and local councils are encouraging facilities managers to act quickly and ensure appropriate climate control measures are put into place.

During the hotter months, the elderly and infirm are generally perceived to be most at risk of heat-related illnesses – or even death – and so those responsible for maintaining premises have a duty of care that extends to sourcing temporary cooling equipment.

A landmark case in the USA made international news after a judge ruled that the owners of an apartment complex in Atlanta had to provide more air conditioning units to senior citizens living inside. An emergency hearing was held where the residents’ attorneys argued that tenants should be moved into a nearby hotel until the problem was rectified.

A temporary measure of placing one temporary air conditioning unit in each apartment was deemed insufficient, with many building occupants complaining they had been without heating and cooling for extended periods.

The incident highlights the importance of taking the necessary steps to guarantee the safety and well-being of vulnerable people when temperatures surge – as well as the cost of failing to do so. At Andrews Air Conditioning, we have a unique understanding of how best to accommodate customers from a broad spectrum of industries.

Our same-day response pledge ensures hire solutions can be delivered to your site within quick turnaround times, helping you avoid unwanted scenarios like the one mentioned above.