Blog5 May 2021

Popular hairdresser chain rents air conditioning systems for multiple salons

Last month, personal care businesses were permitted to reopen in England, including beauty salons, spars and hairdressers. This was unsurprisingly billed as an important next step in the country’s roadmap out of the coronavirus lockdown, with customers expected to return in their droves.

While ventilation remains a key consideration for all close contact services, we have also noticed a spike in air conditioning enquiries as companies look ahead to the summer.

A well-known salon with multiple branches in London recently contacted us to gain a better perspective of the cooling options available to them. Explaining that space was extremely limited and that low-noise equipment was essential, Andrews’ local expert recommended our Polar Wind portable air conditioners.

Combining a small footprint with a suitability for cooling areas of up to 99m³, these units are the perfect option for offices, classrooms or retail spaces that require automatic, economical climate control. Additionally, these air conditioners need only the availability of a domestic plug socket to be installed, meaning they can be up and running within a matter of seconds.

In total, our client has hired fifteen of our Polar Winds and deployed them inside their studios at various locations across the capital.

The most recent request was for two units to be delivered to their premises in Stratford, less than 10 minutes away from our flagship depot in Charlton. As was the case with all previous hires, the units were delivered early in the morning prior to opening for business to ensure that customers were not disturbed while receiving their eagerly awaited hair care!

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