Blog3 November 2022

Playing our part in ensuring you get your dinner this Christmas!

At Andrews Sykes, our aim is to be exceptional in everything we do. When it comes to our customers, we believe it should be an industry-standard to provide a quick and professional service no matter how big or small the project is.

Empathy is a key reason behind this; we try to understand the urgency of each enquiry and produce quick solutions.

This week, a client urgently required a 500kW boiler for their food production line – and the survey and installation were completed within 24 hours of the enquiry!

Suffice to say, our proposed solution has been working perfectly since the moment it was implemented. The customer even acknowledged the swift turnaround time – which went far beyond their expectations – and we are now currently discussing a separate boiler hire for another site.

Over the coming days, we will be providing the same client with an additional 1,500kW boiler for a much larger food processing facility located nearby.

Our involvement in the food production industry isn’t just limited to the production side, though.

In fact, we’re currently receiving a lot of enquiries about our Fast Chill range – as manufacturers begin to look for ways to store food safely in the run-up to the festive period. Case studies coming soon!