Blog17 May 2016

Passengers complain about uncomfortable tram carriages during heatwave

A Midlands-based transport company has come under fire for failing to keep its customers cool during a period of warm weather in early May. Dozens of disgruntled commuters took to social media to vent their frustration at the lack of air conditioning which allegedly even led to some people collapsing on board.

It has been reported across various news outlets that all train coaches are fitted with cooling systems, but these appeared to be ineffective even when switched on. Unfortunately for those travelling on the rail system in question, the absence of functional equipment coincided with temperatures exceeding 21°C – the warmest it has been all year.

Lee Daniels tweeted: “Tram 21 is a sweat box. Please can air conditioning be turned on on all trams.”

He was supported by another Twitter user, Ross Moran, who said: “Sort the air con out on these trams, 8:35am from West Brom, absolute sweat box, windows locked too.”

But chief executive of the transport network, Claire Walters, was quick to reassure those who use the service frequently. She commented: “Our advice to anyone experiencing difficulties on a tram or bus would be to talk to the driver to find out if there’s anything than can be done to improve conditions.

“Some ventilation systems can only function effectively if all the windows are closed so it may also be worth contacting your local operator to ask them the question so you can sensibly plan for the summer months.”

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