Blog2 September 2021

Over-pumping system facilitates development of major Lancashire hospital

The £13m expansion of Blackpool Victoria Hospital is seen as a critical step in addressing their emergency department’s soaring patient numbers, with plans signed off and the project already underway.

A contractor has been appointed to build the new facility, which will be constructed adjacent to the former emergency and urgent care units. The three-storey block is expected to create a much better environment for staff and enhance patient experience to deliver an even higher quality of care with improved outcomes.

Sykes’ involvement in the development stemmed from a requirement to over-pump the original building’s live sewer main, which would allow additional lines to be built beneath the footprint of the new structure.

From our perspective, the application was simple. Upon discussing the job with the customer, our sole remit was to continually transfer sewage flow during the construction operation so that the project could proceed without interruptions.

Our local expert recommended the hire of two JS750 electric submersible sludge pumps, which have been specifically designed for handling wastewater in a range of surroundings. While only a single pump was ever needed, we strongly recommended that a back-up solution was available on standby in case the flow rates increased.

We’re pleased to report that the equipment we provided has performed exactly as we would have expected, with no issues flagged up or brought to our attention.

On the contrary, the customer was quick to express their relief at a potentially tricky phase of a major development passing off without incident!


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